Rubber Flooring

The rubber flooring of the most flooring process for many different places in the home and workplace, and flooring products rubber is a mat simple can be commensurate with the size of any room or space in the home, and provide rubber flooring tremendous benefits with regard to safety and is used in playgrounds enclosed and places whereneed high resistance to friction and all kinds of rubber flooring (Rapper) anti-static electricity AINTISTATIC as it very high resistance to corrosion, which reduces the need for change and free of DDT PVC, plastics, asbestos, formaldehyde, cadmium, (all of these materials harmful to the environment) and Ateltsq the dirtthe dust and are easy to clean and is also characterized by steadily dimensions because they do not contain any plastic which underlines the lack of shrinking its size does not happen cracks at the edges so they do not need to unlock my joints, like cigarette and resist fires do not affect the surface at all. Fire-resistant and does not help the ignition does not give off fumes because it is made ​​from natural materials And rubber flooring floors flexible and comfortable to walk it has the ability to absorb high impact of foot and sound resistant to acids, alkalis and light, as well as chemical cleaners and anti-slip
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