AMG Luxury Living

AMG Luxury Living

AMG Luxury Fabrics

We’re happy to announce our exclusive partnership and collaboration with world-renown, internationally-recognized Italian fabrics, drapery, and interior design brand, AMG.

AMG Luxury is unlike any other brand in the industry, and that is precisely why we chose to work with them exclusively, not only on a partnership level, but on an exclusive collaboration level as well.


AMG x Diwan Capsule Collections

Producer of their own fabrics, everything provided by AMG speaks luxury, and this is exactly what we aim to provide our clientele with. On a yearly basis we will be launching exclusive collections with AMG, ones that reflect Middle Eastern taste and Italian standards of quality.

With tailors formerly working in Italian Haute Couture, only the best in the world, AMG is undoubtedly able to provide the most satisfactory results. They are also able to provide completely personalized pieces of fabric, as well as design services that reflect our customer’s taste, vision, and general requirements.

Whether you’re looking for exclusive design services, luxury fabrics specifically made for drapery, or luxury fabrics made for other purposes, AMG is definitely a brand worth considering. 

AMG x Diwan – Italian quality, designed the Middle Eastern way.