Superior carpets that add an unparalleled sense of comfort and safety to your place.


When it comes to carpet, you’ll be able to find a vast collection of Mohawk’s American-made axminster broadloom carpets at Diwan. These wall-to-wall carpets are ideal for both commercial and residential applications, guaranteeing high performance quality and durability. Mohawk offers the following carpet styles to select from:


Mohawk carpet types allow you to explore the best carpet to fit with your home activities. Their stain-resistant carpet made with polyester fiber is great for spaces with low to moderate traffic, such as bedrooms and offices..


Another option would be the wear resistant carpet made with nylon fiber to resist crushing and matting. This type of carpet is ideal for heavy traffic areas with pets and young children.

Stain + Wear Resistant

The last type features both elements of the stain resistant to give you this excellent carpet. Made exclusively with triexta fiber, the stain + wear resistant type guarantees high durability, built in stain and soil resistance while simultaneously preserving softness. This is great for any and all rooms.



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