The products found at Diwan are all provided by world-renowned brands and designers. We have categorized them all under 4 main diwans: Fabrics, Drapery, Carpets, and Wallpaper. Under every category you’ll find an array of designs- some classic, some modern, and others that are more contemporary. Whether you’re looking to design your first ever home with your beloved, redecorate your well-loved home of a number of years, or simply revamping an area you’ve been intending to look over for a while, Diwan is your place, and it is indeed your oasis of luxury. We would love to be a part of your life journey, and providing you with quality products that last a lifetime is what we do best. You may browse through our selections by brand, product, or by diwan. If you’d like to take a look at our entire range of products, we’d definitely recommend you give us a visit as our physical space usually carries more than our digital one. You can find our location here.




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