Design Mixer


Diwan x Designmixer Exclusives

A new benchmark for fine living

We’ve always worked with the creme de la creme of home decor brands, and we now have two additional things to add to our directory…

Another partnership we are extremely proud of is our exclusive collaboration with avant-garde brand, Design Mixer. Designed and crafted in Turkey, Design Mixer’s wallpapers are indeed the perfect mix between Western and European designs.

Bound to impress the most seasoned of tastes, Design Mixer is based on the harmony of various artistic disciplines and techniques.

The most detailed of digital designs and the most modern of printing technologies bring a modernist look to any space. These wallpaper designs have the ability to truly transform the most simplest of spaces into the most iconic of atmospheres.

In additions to the Design Mixer collection, custom designs are also developed for special projects. The colors of already produced designs may also be modified.

Bespoke designs to match your bespoke taste.

Design Mixer, an easy way to make the most profound change.