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For decades, Diwan (previously known as Euro-Diwan) has operated with the intention of being an oasis of luxury for those who value fine living.

Over these past 30 years in the world of home decor and retail, we have managed to gain the most loyal of customers, many of whom we now consider family and still serve to this day. As the times have evolved, we have as well. Diwan has expanded its offerings, while remaining true to the core values and mission we started with. We have always and will always be devoted to elevating your living, one immaculate detail at a time.

We operate as a multi-brand furnishing and home decor store. Working hand in hand with the world’s grandest decor brands, we conveniently provide you with the best there is, in one place and under one roof.

Whether you’re in need of the most exquisite of fabrics, the most luxurious of carpets, or the most refined of wallpapers, we do it all. You may find what you’re longing for in each of the Fabric, Drapery, Carpet, and Wallpaper Diwans.

The richness lying within your surroundings ultimately radiates to and through you as well. This is why we offer the creme de la creme of premium and luxury brands, collections, and products for you to choose from. You can find and browse through our assorted collections to find what perfectly suits your taste here.

What we’ve come to appreciate over the years is that luxury designs don’t necessarily have to equate classical designs. Luxury is ultimately what you want it to be. With that in mind, we have added more styles to cater to our ever growing market.

At Diwan, we truly believe that those who live in luxury find luxury in all of life’s grandest and subtlest of moments. Let us help you achieve just that.

If you find something you love and would like to place an order, you can contact us here. and one of our sales representatives will reach out to take care of everything for you.

And you may also find answers to any of your questions here.

Diwan – your oasis of luxury.



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